Within the context of a jewelry store “display” focuses the viewer on the interaction of object and display.

The rotating objects, black as the backstage of a theater, are hollowed out to forground their interaction with the rotating plinth. The percarious assemblage of the diplayed objects and the stage is added to the viewer’s theatrical relationship. 


“I suggest, entirely unlike being distanced, or crowded, by the silent presence of another person; the experience of coming upon literalist objects unexpectedly –for example, in somewhat darkened rooms—can be strongly, if momentarily, disquieting in just this way. “

- Michael Fried


Process: Three diamond shape profiles were revolved in CAD, 3D printed, and set on revolving bases in a glass case in a jewelry store. 
Materials: plywood, 3D print, paint, motors, acrylic

Thanks to Seth Hunter @ MPSTN for the invite.